The Story So Far Opening Night


Last Friday was the opening night of The Story So Far, and we can happily report that it was definitely a success! With all of us being at enjoy until midnight the night before, it was a relief when it all finally came together the morning of the opening. Here a few snaps that photographer Adam Tanser took for us at the opening. 

The show is still open- Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 10 - 4. If you’re in the area pop down and say hello to whoever is invigilating- today it’s Kyla and Fia!

dilateinc said: hiya mate just letting you know we've reblogged one of your photos on our collective's site Dilate. really liked your work at enjoy ta

hey thats great, glad you liked the work. thanks for coming along last night, I’m putting the full series online soon so keep a look out for it :)